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Garlic Processing Machine

Garlic Processing Machine

1. Garlic Separating machine

1.The Garlic Separating machine accord quality assurance standards. The soft rollers of the machine simulate hand stripping action. The machine is simply operating, high efficiency and energy-saving.
2.This machine is used in separating garlic bulbs into garlic clove. The working principle is using standard rubber rollers for food product to break the garlic bulb into garlic clove. It is also applied the pressure adjustable method for different size of garlic bulb.
3.Easy operation makes the cloves without damage and high separating rate. With small dimensions and high efficiency, even a single person is able to operate this machine:

Technical Parameters

2. Garlic Peeling Machine


1.This machine uses a specially designed peeling principle, during the peeling process, garlic completely does not touch the blade ,so we can ensure the garlic without damage, and there is smooth surface, no pollution etc.

2.This machine has the features of fully automatic operation, utility, energy saving, small volume, high production efficiency, easy to clean and repair and low failure rate.

3.The machine comply with health standards. The garlic kernel can’t be injured so that it can be stored for many days.


Technical Parameters

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