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Continuous Freezer
Continuous Freezer

BL series continuous Freezer


Standard design the frame, sheeting and refrigeration system is constructed from stainless steel. All parts coming into contact with the ice cream are manufactured from stainless materials to facilitate cleaning and reduce maintenance. Installation the freezer units are equipped with CFC refrigeration system, ready to be connected to power, air and mix supply. It is easy to control the overrun mechanically.


Work Principle: The feed liquid of ice cream can be pumped into the Freezing cylinder together with air through the Mixing pump with air-in regulator valve. It is mixed by the mixing scraper and frozen by the R22 cryogen in the entresol. Ice cream frozen on the wall is removed constantly by stainless steel blade on the mixing scraper. Finally the feed liquid forms well-organized ice cream with right overrun under the pressure of the pump and then adjustable constant-pressure valve after it is continuously frozen, scraped and mixed with air.